Is the One You’re Dating Emotionally Mature?

Emotionally Maturity

4 signs you’ve met someone ready to date. As I hung up the phone with this latest guy I’ve been getting to know, it hit me just how critical emotional maturity is to successful dating. Samantha Burn, couples counselor, and dating coach said in an interview that, emotionally immature people have “a ‘me’ factor over a … Read more

Looking for a New Experience of God in a New World

Finding God New Way

Rediscover another side of the Creator. Living in these uncertain days of the COVID-19 pandemic has given me the time to consider my relationship with God. Since Brad, my first husband’s diagnosis of cancer, I had been on cautious terms with God. A different kind of relationship with God I’ve been a deeply religious person since I … Read more

Things No One Warned Me About Dating in My 50s

Dating in my 50s

An old friend contacted me with some questions about what’s like to be dating in my 50s, as some of her single girlfriends had started to do the same, and their decisions were surprising her — particularly when it came to sex. Since she was still married to her college sweetheart, this was unknown territory. “What’s going … Read more

My Dating Life Has Improved Since COVID-19

Dating in COVID-19

It has forced me to build a friendship first. Tired of my current online dating life, I decided to try something different — to use a matchmaking service. I’d considered it several years earlier, but then I met my second husband, making it unnecessary. Finding outside help for my dating life It felt strange to hire an … Read more