How to Reclaim Repressed Memories on Your Own

Repression Freud

It took patience, determination, and gentleness I stared at the blinking cursor and drew a blank as I tried to recall what happened next. This morning I had opened my Word document to start the next chapter and discovered a significant gap in recall. The particulars of this time frame had gone missing. For several … Read more

The Art of Online Flirting: Seductive and Fun!

Online Flirting

Try subtlety instead of commando assaults. After having gone on a few dates and done plenty of texting this past year, I’ve noticed a trend. We seem to have forgotten the subtle art of seduction when it comes to online flirthing. Where’s the slow build-up of playfulness? It’s not a 50-something-year old problem either. I’ve … Read more

The Problem of Not Taking a Man at His Word

Man at His Word

A hard lesson in gender communication and new relationships Until recently, I’ve mistakenly ignored one critical piece of information when starting to date someone new — and I’ve done so at my peril. I have failed to take a man at his word. I’ve made this mistake with the best of intentions, in the hopes of preserving … Read more