My Sexless Marriage to a Sex Addict

sexless marriage

Contrary to popular belief, there’s less sex, not more. I used to think a sex addict’s marriage must be full of passionate adventures. My imagination pictured these couples experimenting with fun sex positions and escapades in exciting locations — like doing it on the kitchen island with plenty of whipped cream. I had no idea that it is … Read more

Taking a Moment to Review CoSchedule


Saving Time with Great Tools Blogging is a time-consuming venture. There’s writing the article, editing, finding just the right photo, and then creating a kick-ass title. I haven’t even began to discuss what goes in to making what you wrote searchable (can you say, SEO Optimization?) Oh boy! It’s easily a full-time job, yet is … Read more

Leaving my Sex Addict & Frida Kahlo

Sex Addict Frida Kahlo

I did what she couldn’t - and have started over without him. As I wrapped up the last chapter of my memoir on being married to a sex addict, I researched one or two final facts. I entered a few words into the search bar, and a photograph popped up. Its content startled me, making me gasp. There … Read more