Common Mistake of Doing Anything for Love

anything for love

I’ve learned the hard way self-respect must come first Someone recently told me to consider the number of concessions or sacrifices I am willing to make when starting a relationship. I hadn’t considered that I might be making a grave mistake of doing anything for love. I’m embarrassed to admit that despite years of counseling others, … Read more

How Being Nice Nearly Cost Me My Vision

Being Nice

Learning the hard way the importance of sticking up for myself After spending a couple of years abroad, I’d fallen behind with the routine matters of healthcare. I had ignored dental cleanings, eye exams, and annual physicals. Yeah, I know, not good for a woman in her fifties. Dealing with an abusive marriage left little energy … Read more

Never Again: Facing the Truth to Stop the Cycle

Never Again

A closer look at the importance of introspection for lasting change This past week I’ve been flooded with memories. I’m sure it has to do with the date on the calendar. Later this month is my third wedding anniversary. And I think to myself never again.  The flashbacks aren’t fond recollections, but snapshots of painful, disturbing, … Read more