How to Survive Living With a Sociopath

living with a sociopath

Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive I did it by following these six essential rules. Each type of family constellation creates a unique culture with expectations and unspoken rules. Narcissistic parents, for example, often set up a competitive environment and pitch siblings against one another. To these parents, maintaining the family’s good image … Read more

Why I Think Online Dating Is a Failing Social Experiment

online dating

Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive We’re trying to make a significant decision with too little information My first online dating experience was nearly five years ago. I still remember the excitement I felt when writing the bio. How I sweated over which descriptors to use and whether my photos conveyed a particular … Read more

I Just Want to Feel Like I Belong

sense of belonging

Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive If it looks like I have it all together it’s because I’m pretending. There’s something I’m very uncomfortable admitting — for the longest time, I’ve felt like an outsider. I’ve spent my entire life wanting to belong. I’ve longed to find a group of people who accept me as … Read more

My Amazon Sister, My Friend


A Poem for Karmen The watercolored memories Echo in my mind.Pictures of her, my sister,Childhood enemy and friend. She was younger, yet older. Fierce and loyal,My Amazon sister, my friend. I looked up to her, my hero, For strength, for love.Quietly she stood beside me,My younger sister, a loyal friend. Through the passing of yearsOur roles change again.She turns … Read more

Don’t Hate Me For Supporting This Presidential Candidate

presidential candidate

Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive I’ve noticed a growing divisiveness among those I love Lately, I’ve noticed a disturbing American trend of growing divisiveness. Evidence of it is everywhere — on TV, social media postings, and even dating profiles. This past week my inbox started to fill with personal notes from friends and family in … Read more

Living in This Present Moment: A Lesson From a Dying Man

present moment

Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive He learned too late that all we have is this present moment. Brad walked into the bedroom dressed in his khaki shorts and a polo shirt, his white golf gloves still pulled high on both hands. With a big grin plastered on his face, he said, “You know, … Read more

I Dumped My Boyfriend for Getting His Feelings Hurt

dumped my boyfriend

Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive He didn’t like me questioning him or being insecure. Well, I did it. I dumped my boyfriend — the much younger guy — this week. I knew it was coming. Despite the great chemistry, we had lots of differences. Most of them were related to life experiences and age — life goals, hobbies, … Read more

My Shocking Discovery at 58 Years Old That I Have Autism


A common undiagnosed or misdiagnosed condition for many women Almost two weeks ago, someone challenged a fundamental assumption I’d held about myself. This revelation has upended my world. Suddenly I feel wobbly, tentative, and not quite sure who I am. I’m undergoing a massive shift in self-understanding. As a licensed psychologist with over twenty years … Read more