The Painful Lasting Effects Bullying Has Had on My Social Life


I still battle hesitancy and social anxiety I was one of those kids who experienced bullying — the awkward, nerdy type. The kind that others couldn’t resist picking on. It didn’t matter if I stayed hunched down, slumped over, and stuck to the corners of life. Somewhere on me was a neon sign that must have read “kick … Read more

How Honest When Dating Do We Need to Be?

honest when dating

Why I think radical honesty is the best policy I came across an interesting dating profile recently. The guy had swiped right on mine, so I stopped to read through his. His disclosures made me pause. Along with a few close-ups of himself, he’d written a brief description, including his blunt preferences. Listed at the bottom … Read more

In Lonely Search for Love

search for love

A Poem The thrumming begins low; Melodic and long. It rises deep within; Until its harmony vibrates my skin. Who will hear my harmonic cries of longing for love? Who will receive this invitation; This blue whale’s song? I wait in the cold darkness. Can you hear the sound of my heart? And dream of … Read more

How Did 5 Specialists Fail to See My Son’s Autism?

my son's autism

And I missed it too. Despite being a psychologist, I had a poor understanding of my son’s autism. My stereotypical views of its presentation now embarrass me. Developmental psychology wasn’t my specialty, and during my schooling, our knowledge of this condition was in its infancy. I thought autistic children were mute and locked within their interior … Read more

The High Cost of Abuse: I Forgot to Value My Peace of Mind

peace of mind

And, yours matters too A young woman posted before and after photos of herself taken a few months apart. In the first image, she looked worried. Stressed. Her expression was tense. You could see the tight lines around her mouth and eyes. She definitely had no peace of mind. In the second photo, she looked at … Read more

Death is More than a Loss of a Person: It Steals Our Hope

Loss of a person

And complicates our grief A friend texted me this morning. Her mother died yesterday. And my heart broke. Relationships with family are rarely simple. Each person is more than a familiar presence but also occupies an important role. Mother is an archetype that embodies unconscious longing, needs, and wishes. Take my mom, for instance. She is … Read more