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Kerry McAvoy's story

How Kerry McAvoy Escaped an Abusive Relationship

I was juggling the life of an over-committed mom, wife, and psychologist when the loss of my first husband brought my world to a crashing halt. Then I met my ex—he was everything I wanted in a partner.

Months after the wedding, I woke up to an unknown woman’s text. 

The first few words of her letter are still etched in my mind, “I guess the joke is not just on me but on you too. I’ve been dating your husband.” And my world shattered.

Shocked, trapped, and still in love, I didn’t leave.

For the next two years, my life became a living hell as I tried everything to save us–long soul-baring conversations, reading every book I could get my hands on, and spending hours and hours in therapy talking through our issues.

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Despite being a psychologist, the term “narcissistic abuse” was a term I’d never heard.

I didn’t know I’d been love-bombed and now was being gaslit and manipulated.

Back and forth, my partner’s personality swung between a good guy and a monster, leaving me strung out and confused. I became so desperate that I briefly considered ending my life. Maybe then all the misery would stop.

I prayed for help.

Finally, I escaped, but not in the way I thought. My son, living several thousand miles away, took ill and was diagnosed with leukemia. There was the opening I needed, and I left.

Staying in that relationship as long as I did nearly cost me my life, but that experience made me passionate about helping you to do the same.

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Healing is Possible

Abuse is designed to break the spirit so that you’re easier to exploit, but your real self hasn’t disappeared–it’s still there, way down deep inside.

You can reclaim your power and voice by arming yourself with knowledge and new skills. Let’s do this together!

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