In this episode, we take a closer look at trauma bonds as well as explore several excellent resources on understanding the ins & outs of toxic relationships. 
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About Kerry Kerr McAvoy, Ph.D.
Dr. McAvoy, a psychologist and writer, is an expert on cultivating healthy relationships, deconstructing narcissism, and understanding various other mental health-related issues. She’s been featured on Mamami, YourTango, Scary Mommy, and The Good Men Project.
Her latest book, a shocking true story called Love You More: The Harrowing Tale of Lies, Sex Addiction, & Double Cross, gives an uncensored glimpse into the power of psychological manipulation to render someone helpless and confused, even a psychologist.
Dr. McAvoy has three grown sons and loves to swim and snorkel. Be sure to follow her on TikTok and Instagram for practical tips on trauma-related issues.

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