What should you do If your narcissistically abusive ex tries to come back?

In this week’s episode, Kerry and Tara discuss what to do when your narcissistically abusive ex tries to come back. The Self-Help Tip will be why you should be careful with following popular self-help advice.

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1 thought on “What should you do If your narcissistically abusive ex tries to come back?”

  1. Hi, Kerry! Shaunta and Adrienne Grimes say hello and encouraged me to reach out to you. They told me about your successful social media modalities. I’m an RN and psychotherapist becoming a first time author through Brave Healer Productions this June. I have been watching TikTok for a couple of years and now have the courage and content to launch. How has that experience been for you? My next book is entitled Brainwashed From Birth, about surviving narcissistic abuse and rising above it all. My heart is focused on helping teens and kids in their twenties trapped in these households or thrown out into the world too soon. I saw a significant number of them in my private practice. Anyway, thank you for your time, and I would appreciate any advice you might have as a therapist on TikTok. Congratulations on your business! 🙂


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