Four Truths I Wished I’d Known Earlier About Going Bald

4 Truths I Wished I’d Known Earlier About Going Bald Growing up, I always admired my younger sisters’ long, thick manes of hair. My middle sister’s glossy, long black tresses had just enough reddish highlights that they shone with coppery streaks in the sunlight. My youngest sister’s head of hair was so thick that if … Read more

The High Cost of Abuse: I Forgot to Value My Peace of Mind

peace of mind

And, yours matters too A young woman posted before and after photos of herself taken a few months apart. In the first image, she looked worried. Stressed. Her expression was tense. You could see the tight lines around her mouth and eyes. She definitely had no peace of mind. In the second photo, she looked at … Read more

Death is More than a Loss of a Person: It Steals Our Hope

Loss of a person

And complicates our grief A friend texted me this morning. Her mother died yesterday. And my heart broke. Relationships with family are rarely simple. Each person is more than a familiar presence but also occupies an important role. Mother is an archetype that embodies unconscious longing, needs, and wishes. Take my mom, for instance. She is … Read more

The 8 Stage Progression of Deadly Domestic Violence

domestic violence

This is the homicide timeline domestic abusers typically follow before killing their partner By Michelle Jaqua This is another guest blog which contains information and discussion on domestic abuse and violence, including homicide. This information was gleaned from research by Jane Monckton-Smith at the University of Glouchester. Intimate partner femicide (IPF) is typically seen as … Read more

Sexual Addiction is Not a Couple’s Problem

sexual addiction

Helping You Thrive! Blaming the partner puts the burden of responsibility on the wrong person Since first writing about my marriage to a sex addict, I’ve heard from many people. Is sex addiction a gender problem? Many of the commenters shared personal stories, but some had issues with the premise of sex addiction. A few people — all men, … Read more