Do You Still Love Me?

do you still love me

A poem on a tired marriage’s unanswered question Do you still love me? There it was — Hung in the air between us, suspended; Spoken, the burning question. Did I still love him? The weight of the years together pressed in. Too many lonely conversations, Too many dangling fights. A look passed between us. He longed to unravel the past.But … Read more

Sexual Addiction is Not a Couple’s Problem

sexual addiction

Helping You Thrive! Blaming the partner puts the burden of responsibility on the wrong person Since first writing about my marriage to a sex addict, I’ve heard from many people. Is sex addiction a gender problem? Many of the commenters shared personal stories, but some had issues with the premise of sex addiction. A few people — all men, … Read more

Why I Think Online Dating Is a Failing Social Experiment

online dating

Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive We’re trying to make a significant decision with too little information My first online dating experience was nearly five years ago. I still remember the excitement I felt when writing the bio. How I sweated over which descriptors to use and whether my photos conveyed a particular … Read more

I Just Want to Feel Like I Belong

sense of belonging

Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive If it looks like I have it all together it’s because I’m pretending. There’s something I’m very uncomfortable admitting — for the longest time, I’ve felt like an outsider. I’ve spent my entire life wanting to belong. I’ve longed to find a group of people who accept me as … Read more

Don’t Hate Me For Supporting This Presidential Candidate

presidential candidate

Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive I’ve noticed a growing divisiveness among those I love Lately, I’ve noticed a disturbing American trend of growing divisiveness. Evidence of it is everywhere — on TV, social media postings, and even dating profiles. This past week my inbox started to fill with personal notes from friends and family in … Read more

I Dumped My Boyfriend for Getting His Feelings Hurt

dumped my boyfriend

Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive He didn’t like me questioning him or being insecure. Well, I did it. I dumped my boyfriend — the much younger guy — this week. I knew it was coming. Despite the great chemistry, we had lots of differences. Most of them were related to life experiences and age — life goals, hobbies, … Read more