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Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Writing is an act of bravery. 

Whether we write fiction or nonfiction, our heart and soul goes into our work. Good writing requires honesty, self-reflection, and vulnerability. It takes an extraordinary amount of confidence to write, publish, and promote our work. 

Many writers find developing the identity of writer challenging. But not owning our identity impacts our growth and even stalls our progress. Anxiety and fear can threaten and impede our work.

Sometimes we need an outside perspective—advice from someone who sees what’s holding us back, who is able to give us a new point of view.

As a psychologist who has lots of experience working closely with others on delicate issues, I am an astute observer. I can help you move out of any paralysis you may be facing.

My Success with Writing

I understand what it takes to be a successful writer on several popular social media platforms. I’m a 2018 Top Writer on Quora and have been featured in SexographyThe Good Men Project, and Scary Mommy

In late October 2019, I began blogging on Medium. In just two months I broke the $100 monthly income mark, exceeding the earnings of 95% of all other writers on the platform. Within six months, my monthly income was more than $1000.

I currently write for twenty different Medium publications and am a featured weekly columnist for Girl, Get Your Shit Together. My curation rate is at an unbelievable 90 percent, and several of my essays have earned more than $1500 apiece. I currently hold the Top Writer designation in three categories: Mental Health, Relationships, and Love. 

Let’s Work Together!

Let me help you succeed at writing!

Together, you and I will take your dream from concept to finished product. You will learn the basics, from content and plot development to establishing an online presence and building a platform. We will identify your market and get you in front of your perfect audience!

In our coaching sessions, I’ll give you practical knowledge and skills. We will build on small successes and turn them into large accomplishments. You will gain the confidence to achieve your dreams. 

Are you ready to take it to the next level?



Let's Begin!

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Writing Services

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