Death is More than a Loss of a Person: It Steals Our Hope

Loss of a person

And complicates our grief A friend texted me this morning. Her mother died yesterday. And my heart broke. Relationships with family are rarely simple. Each person is more than a familiar presence but also occupies an important role. Mother is an archetype that embodies unconscious longing, needs, and wishes. Take my mom, for instance. She is … Read more

My Problem With the Money Shot, also Called a Facial (Not the Spa-Kind)

money shot

Please, will someone explain their popularity? I recently shared that I write under the pen name of Marie Lynne on There I explore the sensuality of sexual intimacy, provide education on better sex, and explore sticky areas surrounding sexuality, such as the money shot. It’s vulnerable, transparent, and raw. Definitely not everyone’s cup of … Read more

Why I’m Telling You the Pseudonym I Use when Writing About Sex

writing about sex

I’m done with shame and fear I want to share something with you — something I’ve been doing for the past couple of months. I’ve been writing about sex under the pen name of Marie Lynne. I will continue to keep the two identities separate, yet I’ve decided to promote this work openly. Why I’m Writing About Sexuality … Read more