Jesus, The Ultimate Therapist: Bringing Hope and Healing

hope and healing

A psychologist’s role is to help clients achieve a greater sense of harmony within their community and within themselves. This usually is achieved through some form of emotional or psychological healing. Dr. McAvoy has learned from clinical research and her practical experience as a psychologist that the most effective tool to achieve this goal is … Read more

Jesus, The Ultimate Therapist: Healing Without Limits

healing without limits

In her counseling practice, Dr. McAvoy is familiar with the lop-sided client-therapist alliance. Assuming the role of expert causes an inequality of power between herself and her clients. Due to ethical concerns, there are beneficial limitations in the counseling relationship. Therapists, for example, are discouraged from having friendships with patients, and romantic relationships are prohibited. Necessary relationship boundaries help … Read more

Pain as a Starting Point

pain starting

At some point each of us will be faced with the crushing experience of pain. It may come suddenly and tragically, such as an unexpected death or a loss. Or, it may slowly bleed away the quality of our life. This study tackles tough questions that result from this kind of pain, such as “Where … Read more

Jesús, El Gran Terapeuta

gran terapeuta

El papel de un psicólogo es ayudar a los clientes a lograr un mayor sentido de armonía dentro de su comunidad y dentro de ellos mismos. Esto generalmente se logra a través de alguna forma de curación emocional o psicológica. La Dra. McAvoy ha aprendido de la investigación clínica y su experiencia práctica como psicóloga … Read more