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Jesus, The Ultimate Therapist: Bringing Hope and Healing

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A psychologist’s role is to help clients achieve a greater sense of harmony within their community and within themselves. This usually is achieved through some form of emotional or psychological healing. Dr. McAvoy has learned from clinical research and her practical experience as a psychologist that the most effective tool to achieve this goal is the therapeutic relationship.

It has been consistently found that psychological healing occurs over time when a client feels unconditionally accepted and safe to discuss his or her most painful issues.If human therapists can reasonably achieve the goal of emotional healing through the context of an accepting, supportive clinical relationship, then how much more success will Jesus have in bringing psychological healing to you and me.

It was this insight that inspired Dr. McAvoy to write Bringing Hope and Healing.In this study, the reader will explore six different interpersonal roles with Jesus, including Jesus as: Emmanuel, the Word of God, Light of God, Perfect High Priest, Teacher, and The Good Shepherd. Each week consists of an overview of the topic along with a meditation exercise and corresponding musical playlist to use during personal worship time. Four days of daily devotionals expand on the weekly subject.Psychologically-oriented questions are used thorough out the study which will aid the reader to examine the current status of his or her walk with Christ and deepen this spiritual relationship.

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