Porn Isn’t A Problem?

Porn Addiction Problem

And He Said Porn Was Not a Problem? The impact regular porn use had on my self-esteem and the health of my marriage. My stomach dropped as I read another opinion piece in defense of pornography. It warned regular pornography usage by male partners should be expected, and it excused secret-keeping. Upset female partners were characterized as … Read more

First Dates and 50-Something-Year-Old Men

Problem First Dates

My Problem with First Dates and Fifty-Something-Year-Old Men How to improve the art of conversation A Recent First Date As I recently stepped into an unfamiliar, upscale restaurant, I smiled at my date’s choice of venue for our first meeting. He chose the perfect place to get to know someone better. The crowd was sparse for … Read more

A Dirty Little Secret: Being a Widow

Being Widow

The Change in Social Standing In the late 1970s researchers completed a simple research study the shocked the world with its findings. They gave a list of descriptors, such as outgoing, strong, moody, weak, and independent, to their sample group and requested that the subjects select from the provided list of attributes qualities that would … Read more