The 8 Stage Progression of Deadly Domestic Violence

domestic violence

This is the homicide timeline domestic abusers typically follow before killing their partner By Michelle Jaqua This is another guest blog which contains information and discussion on domestic abuse and violence, including homicide. This information was gleaned from research by Jane Monckton-Smith at the University of Glouchester. Intimate partner femicide (IPF) is typically seen as … Read more

Do You Still Love Me?

do you still love me

A poem on a tired marriage’s unanswered question Do you still love me? There it was — Hung in the air between us, suspended; Spoken, the burning question. Did I still love him? The weight of the years together pressed in. Too many lonely conversations, Too many dangling fights. A look passed between us. He longed to unravel the past.But … Read more

Sexual Addiction is Not a Couple’s Problem

sexual addiction

Helping You Thrive! Blaming the partner puts the burden of responsibility on the wrong person Since first writing about my marriage to a sex addict, I’ve heard from many people. Is sex addiction a gender problem? Many of the commenters shared personal stories, but some had issues with the premise of sex addiction. A few people — all men, … Read more

After Betrayal, How I Found Truth and Forgiveness


Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive Writing about it has helped me break through the lies and my over-reactive defense mechanisms For the past year, I’ve been hard at work writing a traumatic story of betrayal. It’s my story — a brutal tale that began four years ago. The events are so disturbing that the … Read more

Why I Think Online Dating Is a Failing Social Experiment

online dating

Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive We’re trying to make a significant decision with too little information My first online dating experience was nearly five years ago. I still remember the excitement I felt when writing the bio. How I sweated over which descriptors to use and whether my photos conveyed a particular … Read more