On Being an Echoist–the Opposite of a Narcissist

Opposite of a narcissist

We avoid all forms of attention, even at the expense of our health Do you know what the opposite of a narcissist is? It’s not the empaths as some think. It’s the echoist. I know because I am one.  I walked into my surgeon’s office today. Four days ago, I underwent a lower facelift to deal … Read more

Never Again: Facing the Truth to Stop the Cycle

Never Again

A closer look at the importance of introspection for lasting change This past week I’ve been flooded with memories. I’m sure it has to do with the date on the calendar. Later this month is my third wedding anniversary. And I think to myself never again.  The flashbacks aren’t fond recollections, but snapshots of painful, disturbing, … Read more

Leaving my Sex Addict & Frida Kahlo

Sex Addict Frida Kahlo

I did what she couldn’t - and have started over without him. As I wrapped up the last chapter of my memoir on being married to a sex addict, I researched one or two final facts. I entered a few words into the search bar, and a photograph popped up. Its content startled me, making me gasp. There … Read more

How to Reclaim Repressed Memories on Your Own

Repression Freud

It took patience, determination, and gentleness I stared at the blinking cursor and drew a blank as I tried to recall what happened next. This morning I had opened my Word document to start the next chapter and discovered a significant gap in recall. The particulars of this time frame had gone missing. For several … Read more

The Problem With Advice and What to Do Differently

Problem with advice

I know you are just trying to be helpful Everyone has an opinion. Giving advice about how to live life feels good. For those few minutes, we become an expert at something. And we are reassured that in at least one area of our life, we have it under better control than someone else. Unfortunately that … Read more