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Blogging is a time-consuming venture. There’s writing the article, editing, finding just the right photo, and then creating a kick-ass title. I haven’t even began to discuss what goes in to making what you wrote searchable (can you say, SEO Optimization?) Oh boy! It’s easily a full-time job, yet is only one of many things a writer needs to complete in a week. I couldn’t keep up, until I found CoSchedule.

My first stumbled across this amazing social media optimizer when I was looking for help writing titles for my post. Frankly, I suck at titles. Then I discovered a Free Headline Analyzer tool created by CoSchedule. It’s become my go-to for title creation. Sometimes I have to run twenty to thirty examples before I find just the right emotionally-powerful one. CoSchedule helps me do that. I can’t say enough about what a great aid this tool is.

Then there the social media blast I have to create for blog article. I try to be active on five different platforms. Five! Another daily task to my already busy schedule. Once again, CoSchedule has saved me valuable time. CalendarThrough the use of its master calendar, I’m able to schedule the publication of my articles and create custom social media posts for each other. What used to take me thirty or more minutes, I’m able to complete in less than five minutes.


I recently discovered another valuable CoSchedule tool: Social Message Optimizer.

social message optimizerThere I can tailor my social media messages so that they perform well on a variety of platforms. It helps me tweak the LinkedIn message which appeals to a very different audience from the Instagram posting. It lets me know the optimal number of hashtags and the message character length so that it reaches the right audience. I was shocked after the very first use when my previously stagnant Instagram account started to have a larger audience. The Social Message Optimizer worked.

CoSchedule also has a WordPress plugin so that I’m able to do all these things right within my website dashboard. It also integrates with my MailChimp account, ToDoist, and Dropbox. I’m still learning all its uses through the paid and free available tutorials.

I’m sure there are more supports and resources that I have yet to discover. 

CoSchedule has flexible pricing depending on the size of the company and the team. I’m a one-person operation, but I know that if and when I add another team member CoSchedule is already setup for groups. It offers different monthly plans based on the needs of the customer. 

I’ve tried other social media scheduler. Some failed to post, and other’s didn’t include all my media channels. I was being a cheapskate and didn’t want to spend the money, that is until I signed up for a two-week trial and then CoSchedule’s feature and capability sold me. If you are like me, posting regular blogs, give CoSchedule a try. They offer a free demo of their services and a free trial to see if it works for you. I know for me, it’s precisely the kind of program I need. 

For more information or to schedule your demo or free trial of CoSchedule,  click here.

Dr. Kerry McAvoy is a clinical psychologist, mother of three grown sons, writer, and author of the devotionals: Jesus, The Ultimate Therapist: Bringing Hope and Healing, Jesus, The Ultimate Therapist: Healing Without Limits, and Pain as a Starting Point.

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