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Healing Strong Group Coaching

Ready to feel confident again? To reclaim your personal power after surviving narcissistic abuse?

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Are you ready to feel confident again? To reclaim your personal power after surviving narcissistic abuse?

You thought escaping your bad relationship would solve your problems...

…But you only faced new insecurities, worries, and fears. These may include addressing your now battered self-esteem, coping with troubling triggers and ruminations, and being filled with self-doubt.

If you’re like me, you may have tried sharing what you’ve gone through with a trusted friend, only to be met with awkward, embarrassing questions, disbelief, and useless advice. Or, you might have sought professional help only to be asked what part you played in your own abuse.

You’ve been seeking a clear and helpful roadmap to healing, but have instead received directionless guidance and victim blaming.

That stops here!
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Healing IS Possible!

Find the help and support you’ve been looking for in the Healing Strong group coaching program. Join a small group of survivors, just like yourself, and learn practical strategies to overcome common healing obstacles.

Ready to start your healing journey? Sign up today, and:

  • Find the closure you’ve been seeking
  • Regain your lost confidence.
  • Reclaim mental clarity.
  • Rediscover your personal power.
  • Rebuild a new and better life.

"I entered Healing Strong in a very raw place where I fully believed that so much of my experience was due to my shortcomings and flaws."

I believed the stories my ex and my family told/are telling about me. This education and support have been invaluable because I no longer believe that to be true. Without Dr. Kerry’s expertise and the support of other group members, I would not be where I am today.”

– C.

"This is the first time I have genuinely felt improvement in my situation."

“I’m so thankful I found Dr. Kerry McAvoy! This is the first time I have genuinely felt improvement in my situation. Her knowledge of what goes on inside a toxic relationship and how to break free from it and heal is far ahead of anything else I’ve experienced. The support I found from her and in her groups gave me the strength to take back my self-worth.”

– H.

"Lisa integrates and distills interpersonal, social, and studied knowledge about abusive relationships and how to heal from their effects."

“Her infectious bravery and resolute attitude are what I needed to help shake thoughts that were holding me back and move forward with confidence. I recommend Lisa’s coaching…”

– C.

"Lisa helped reassure me that my decision to leave and remain no contact were in my best interest.”

“Coaching with Lisa helped me feel seen and understood in ways that traditional therapy had not. Even after receiving trauma treatment, I was still mentally feeling stuck. Lisa helped reassure me that my decision to leave and remain no contact were in my best interest.”

– C.W.

Hi, I'm Dr. Kerry McAvoy

I’m a licensed psychologist with over twenty years of counseling experience. I’ve authored several books on narcissistic abuse, including Love You More, a memoir, and have been featured in HuffPost, Mamamia, Your Tango, and The Good Men Project. These days I educate about abuse dynamics on social media and co-host the popular podcast “Breaking Free from Narcissistic Abuse.”

Between my education and private practice, I thought I understood abuse until I married my narcissistic ex. Since surviving that toxicity, I’ve become passionate about helping you reclaim your stolen peace, purpose, and power.

Image of Kerry McAvoy
Hi, I'm Lisa Sonni

As a survivor of domestic assault and narcissistic abuse, Lisa Sonni’s first-hand experience has led her to where she is today – a certified Life & Relationship Coach who helps clients of all genders and walks of life overcome challenges stemming from traumatic partnerships. Her expertise is geared towards getting clients to a good space in their lives and within themselves. She is the author of four books, online courses, a content creator, and a regular guest on the Breaking Free from Narcissistic Abuse podcast. 

Lisa’s expertise in trauma bond recovery and group coaching experience makes her the perfect co-facilitator for Healing Strong. She’s worked with thousands of clients helping them find clarity and rebuild confidence after narcissistic abuse. 

Healing Strong is for narcissistic abuse survivors who:

  • Are ready to do the vulnerable emotional work of healing.
  • Can commit to 12 weeks of coaching.
  • Are ready to be supported by fellow survivors.
  • Want a more fulfilling life.

If you’re ever wondered why you haven’t moved on after surviving abuse – ask yourself these questions…

  • Are you feeling easily triggered or restless?
  • Do you feel like you can’t get away from the past?
  • Or maybe you’re constantly second-guessing yourself?
    Perhaps you’ve made it to the point where you know you’re free from the abuse, but NOT REALLY.

If you answered yes, then the Healed & Empowered Group Coaching is just what you need.

Hear me when I say – HEALING IS POSSIBLE!

HEALING STRONG is for narcissistic abuse survivors who:

about the group

"Healing & Empowered" Group Coaching was created with YOU in mind."

This 12-week group is designed to be educational and transformative so that you can address your healing at your own pace and on your own terms. Each week targets a specific objective, creating a manageable roadmap to abuse recovery

As a trained psychologist with over 20 years of experience focused on trauma recovery and healing, my goal is to help those like you reclaim confidence and clarity while gaining control of their life!

If you’re to jump start your healing from narcissistic abuse and enjoy a life free from fear and full of freedom, you’ve found the right place!

Here’s what you get when you say YES!:

  • 12 transformative weeks of a live group experience with expert guidance
  • Short topical discussions, practical exercises, & community support
  • And a step-by-step guide to leaving behind your abusive past, setting yourself free

My best advice after having been where you are: Don’t wait, your healing journey CAN start today!

Healing Strong is for narcissistic abuse survivors who:

  • Are ready to do the vulnerable emotional work of healing.
  • Can commit to 12 weeks of coaching.
  • Are ready to be supported by fellow survivors.
  • Want a more fulfilling life.
Did you know?

Research has shown that individuals who have supportive relationships with family, friends, or a community tend to cope better with the effects of trauma and are more likely to recover successfully. Having someone to talk to, express emotions to, or receive encouragement and validation from can help alleviate feelings of isolation and shame, which are common in survivors of abuse or trauma.

What You'll Learn

by the end of the 12-week Group experience

You will have a clear understanding of what has been psychologically holding you back,  establish safety in all aspects of your life, come to terms with your past, and rebuild a community of understanding and support.

You will have the tools, strategies, and resources you need to start healing from the trauma of narcissistic abuse and begin rebuilding your life.

There’s so much power in not walking this road alone…


You'll Learn

module 1

Understanding Narcissistic Abuse as Trauma

→Reclaim your ability to unwind after narcissistic abuse poisoned your nervous system.

→ See how trauma distorted your decision-making and get the strategies to steer your life choices again.

→ Learn how to transform your negative self-talk into supportive affirmations.

module 2

Breaking Toxic Bonds

→ Discover how toxic neurochemical cycle keeps you hooked and learn the secret to breaking free.

→ Learn the steps to calming yourself down so you can regain emotional control.

→ Craft a toolkit stuffed with self-care activities that nourish you back to health.

module 3

Tackling Boredom & Loneliness

→ Break the isolation so that you can reconnect with safe people and activities.

→ Learn how to spot hoover attempts early so you can shut the door on toxicity.

→ Get healthy strategies to channel restless energy into uplifting hobbies and self-care.

module 4

Re-Establishing Safety

→ Learn how to spot toxic people before they can get their hooks in you.

→ Turn your psychological qualities that attract toxic people into a protective shield.

→ Build boundaries toxic people can’t break.

module 5

Breaking from Obsessions

→ Pinpoint your most toxic thoughts and learn how to deflate them to regain your peace of mind.

→ Equip yourself with on-the-spot techniques to interrupt spiraling thoughts.

→ Learn how to short-circuit painful emotional flashbacks.

module 6

Finding Closure

→ Discover why you obsess over unanswerable questions.

→ Find the closure you crave.

→ Learn to live with ambiguities through self-validation and letting go.

module 7

Releasing Self-Blame & Shame

→ Set yourself free from the blame and shame and reclaim your self-worth.

→ Change your mindset about mistakes and failures so you can move forward unfettered.

→ Develop practices to silence your inner judge and rediscover self-compassion.

module 8

Battling Anger & Guilt

→ Learn what triggers justified rage and how to quench its fires.

→ Develop practices to let unfair guilt go.

→ Master triggers that provoke so that you can take back control.

module 9

Mourning the Loss

→ Mourn your lost naivety so you can emerge wiser and stronger.

→ Regain confidence to spot and avoid new threats.

→ Trade nervous hypervigilance for effective boundaries and people vetting.

module 10

Embracing Your Power

→ Defuse emotional triggers that hold you hostage so you can move forward freely.

→ Regain bravery through effective crisis management strategies.

→ Let go of the old wounded self to make room for the new you.

module 11

Rebuilding Your Life

→ Learn to erect healthy boundaries and vet new people properly.

→ Develop new practices to discern trustworthiness before investing emotionally.

→ Build a community that aligns with the new you.

module 12

Envisioning the Future

→ Celebrate your growth!

→ Learn how to forge bonds with fellow survivors.

→ Step into your future with optimism.


Ready to jump-start your Healing?

When you join Healing Strong

you'll receive...

Client portal access to the weekly curriculum.

Homework assignments that can be completed conveniently on your mobile device.

Weekly video replays.

Private chat community to connect with other students.

Direct messaging access to Dr. Kerry & Lisa Sonni.


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You have the option of joining either the August 22nd group or September 5th group.

Aug 22nd group

$799 or 4 Payments of $225

Sept 5th group

$799 or 4 Payments of $225

*Further payment plans available upon request

What Our Client Say

Imagine being able to see through toxic people’s manipulations. Understanding your vulnerabilities to be able resist their efforts to play on your insecurities.

imagine encountering new situations and people with the practical know-how to evade toxic binds.

Imagine no longer be stuck in your head replaying regretful decisions but encountering the world refreshed and confident.

Imagine being freed of past doubts and losses so that you have room for new relationships

Imagine not just knowing how to show better self care, but actually like who you’re becoming.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee:  Complete Satisfaction or 100% of your money back!

It’s time for a surge of renewed self-confidence.

Get ready to get back to doing the things you love.

And, rediscover a restored trust in yourself again!

Don’t waste another minute feeling lost, hesitating to try new things or meet new people, or beating yourself up over that toxic relationship. Sign up for Healing Strong today and get experienced psychological guidance and practical know-how on becoming the healed and stronger you.

Ready to start your transformation?


Yes, this program works best if you’ve left the toxic relationship, although you don’t need to have gone no contact.

Yes, Healing Strong principles apply to all narcissistically abusive relationships.

Yes! You will be able to log into the client portal to access each week’s curriculum and video replay.

Yes, you always have the option to hide your video image during the coaching sessions and all video replays are only accessible to current students.

Yes, contact Dr. Kerry to discuss your situation and see if you qualify.

Absolutely! In addition to the weekly group coaching, you will be able to privately message them with any questions you may have about the material.