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Learn How You Can Spot Abusers From Miles Away, Easily Leave & Heal From Toxic Relationships, And Stop Letting Other People Take Advantage Of Your Good-Nature…

Plus, Join A Sanctuary Of Survivors Where You Can Freely Express Yourself Without Facing Any Kind Of Judgement & Get Direct Access To Lisa & Kerry!

By Reading This Page In Its Entirety, You’ll Discover The Hidden Beliefs And Behaviours Implanted By Your Abuser Inside Your Subconscious That Are Sabotaging Your Chances Of Success Every Single Day.

But first… It’s not your fault.

It’s so easy for us to say that victim blaming is wrong, and that no one should ever do it…

But when it comes to victims of narcissistic abuse, we’re quick to blame ourselves for the horrible things we’ve gone through.

It’s not your fault that an abuser took advantage of your good nature and used his experience as a weapon.

  • Is it fair to blame someone for being kind?
  • Is it fair to blame someone for getting taken advantage of due to their lack of experience?
  • Is it fair to blame someone for simply believing other people are good?
...Of course it isn't!

And we’re not saying this just to make you feel better…

The reality is that unless you stop blaming yourself, you won’t be able to focus on what’s actually important, preventing yourself from being able to move on and progress in your journey.

And This Is True In Both Cases…

Whether you’re currently struggling to leave your current relationship or you’re trying to heal after escaping.

But tricking you into blaming yourself isn’t the only method narcissistic abusers use in order to keep you trapped…

Although they do this without actually being aware of it, narcissistic abusers use gaslighting techniques to implant certain incorrect beliefs and behaviors into your subconscious that are currently:

And The Worst Part Is That You’re Now Accustomed To These Beliefs And Behaviors That Are Constantly Sabotaging Your Life…

You’ve become used to them, which means that they’re pretty much impossible for you to identify on your own.

And unless you find a way to recognize them, get rid of them, and replace them, you’ll keep running into the same problems over and over again…

Which is exactly why it’s so difficult for victims of narcissistic abuse to heal on their own, and why abusers always want to isolate you from the outside world.

Are You Wondering How Or Why We Know This? Or Why You Should Trust Us? Let Us Introduce Ourselves…

Hi, I'm Dr. Kerry McAvoy

I’m a retired psychologist with over twenty years of counseling experience. I’ve authored several books on narcissistic abuse, including Love You More, a memoir, and have been featured in HuffPost, Mamamia, Your Tango, and The Good Men Project. These days I educate about abuse dynamics on social media and co-host the popular podcast “Breaking Free from Narcissistic Abuse.”

Between my education and private practice, I thought I understood abuse until I married my narcissistic ex. Since surviving that toxicity, I’ve become passionate about helping you reclaim your stolen peace, purpose, and power.

Image of Kerry McAvoy
Hi, I'm Lisa Sonni

As a survivor of domestic assault and narcissistic abuse, Lisa Sonni’s first-hand experience has led her to where she is today – a certified Life & Relationship Coach who helps clients of all genders and walks of life overcome challenges stemming from traumatic partnerships. Her expertise is geared towards getting clients to a good space in their lives and within themselves. She is the author of four books, online courses, a content creator, and a regular guest on the Breaking Free from Narcissistic Abuse podcast. 

Lisa’s expertise in trauma bond recovery and group coaching experience makes her the perfect co-facilitator for Healing Strong. She’s worked with thousands of clients helping them find clarity and rebuild confidence after narcissistic abuse. 

Plus, Here Are What Past Participants Of This Program Had To Say About It:

"I have struggled with loss of hope before, and the group therapy has helped me to hold onto hope of healing, and helped me understand what happened to me, and start to rebuild my support system."

– F.

"I learned that I am not alone."

– J.

"There was a great balance between clinical discussions but also personal experiences from Kerry, Lisa and all group members. The approach helped to bring clarity and validity to my situation, and then comfort from a sense of community."

– W.

"I just felt very safe and heard in this group. It was a terrific experience."

– P.

The good news...

Although we’ve been pretty doom & gloom so far, we also have some good news…

These hidden beliefs and behaviors only work because they are hidden, and because you’re not aware of them.

Meaning that once you gain access to the knowledge, tools, & information required in order to identify them…

They’re actually quite easy to get rid of.

In fact, once you gain access to all the resources inside our “New Powerful You” Program, you’ll be able to:

Even better, you’ll get direct advice from others who’ve already gone through a similar situation to yours, providing you with a completely new perspective.

As well as direct access to Kerry & Lisa, which together have successfully helped hundreds leave, heal, and thrive from their narcissistic abuse.

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What About The Price?
Lisa and I have spent years of our life and thousands of dollars in order to learn all the resources inside this program.

They weren’t nicely packed in an easy-to-understand way, they didn’t come with a structure we could follow, they weren’t all in one place.

Plus, that doesn’t even include our personal experience dealing with narcissistic abuse as well as the time we spent helping hundreds of other women with their narcissistic relationships.

Why Are There Limited Spots?
Lisa and I provide direct 1-on-1 support for all of our members.

As you can imagine, that’s quite time-consuming so we can’t have a large number of participants. Simple as that!

{There Are Currently 9 Spots Left Before Enrollment Permanently Closes}