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I’m a writer, blogger, psychologist, mentor, coach, and explorer of all things related to matters of the heart. 


Check out my blog where I write about Issues related to faith, my recent relationship experiences, and past betrayal trauma. Explore these topics from a vulnerable expert perspective.  


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Coaching Service for Writers

Do you have a story to tell?

Perhaps you’ve imagined being a writer or author but aren’t sure where to begin. Maybe something is holding you back. All you know is that you aren’t achieving your desired goals.

Or, perhaps you’ve written something but are struggling to find your audience.

I understand and can help you achieve your dreams.

My Story

A licensed psychologist with over twenty years of clinical experience, I built a private practice from the ground up and became a leading local expert in anxiety and depression. My business thrived, and appointments were in high demand. The same effective marketing principles used to build a lucrative counseling practice are now being applied to a career in writing.

But not without a few setbacks along the way.

In 2006, I jumped into self-publishing but approached it backwards. Like many beginners, I bought into the “field of dreams” mentality. It is no surprise these books, lacking a targeted market, failed to sell. This experience strengthened my resolve to learn from my mistakes. 

On the advice of a successful author, I shifted my focus from exclusively writing to branding myself as an expert in psychology, mental health, and relationship issues. 

I narrowed these efforts to one platform–Quora, a question and answer website. It worked.

My following grew, and in 2018 I received the honor of Top Writer. My content there has had over 2.8 million views.

Using what I’d learned on Quora, I transitioned to Medium.com in late October 2019, where I began to blog about relationships issues, sexuality, and mental health.
This time growth happened much faster. In four months, my monthly earnings grew from $79 to exceeding $1200, and I become Top Writer in the categories of Love, Relationship, Culture, and Mental Health. I have achieved an extraordinary high curation rate of 90 percent and have grown a rapid following from 79 to over 2000 fans.

Let’s Create Your Story

Let me help you achieve the same level of success, whether with blogging or publishing books. I know the anxieties and psychological blocks common to creative individuals. My knowledge and experience make me uniquely qualified to help identify what’s holding you back.
Together, let’s develop an effective plan that doesn’t just overcome these obstacles, but exceeds them.

Let’s work together to hone your voice and find your audience.

Let’s get your artistry out into the world where it can be savored and enjoyed.

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation today!


I have loved working with Kerry! She has patiently given honest feedback on my writing and made suggestions for how to make my articles more accessible and interesting. She has also helped me to grow my audience. I highly recommend her for coaching services!

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