First Steps to Leaving a Narcissist


Step into freedom with the ‘First Steps to Leaving a Narcissist Course & Workbook,’ a comprehensive 31-module program packed with 7 hours of expert guidance, hands-on exercises, educational videos, and a practical step-by-step guide to liberate yourself from the clutches of narcissism.


Toxic-Free Relationship Club

$75/month for Club or $19.99 for Community

Join an online community of survivors for 24/7 support and direct access to a mental health clinician while you learn how to manage highly conflictual dynamics, tricky interpersonal situations, and your own emotional reactions.


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Love You More


Immerse yourself in Love You More, Dr. Kerry McAvoy’s gripping account of surviving sophisticated psychological manipulation, a tale both deeply personal and incredibly practical, offering hope, guidance, and encouragement to those battling emotional abuse, inspiring you to break free and reclaim your life.

First Steps to Leaving a Narcissist Workbook


Empower yourself with this dynamic 7-step workbook, an effective tool to help dissolve the torment of mental confusion from difficult or toxic relationships, providing you with the clarity and control you need to reclaim your life.

Surviving to Thriving: A Six-Step Blueprint to Narcissistic Abuse Healing


Empower your journey with this 6-step blueprint for recovery, a step-by-step guide packed with practical exercises, real-life examples, psychological insights, and soothing techniques that help navigate common obstacles, promote healing, and rekindle self-compassion after leaving a difficult relationship


Jesus, the Ultimate Therapist: Bringing Hope & Healing

Kindle unlimited

Delve into a 6-week study to unravel Jesus as your Emmanuel, Teacher, Good Shepherd and more, utilizing Bible readings, meditative exercises, and insightful questions to amplify your spiritual bond with Christ.

Jesus, the Ultimate Therapist: Healing Without Limits

Kindle Unlimited

Embark on a 6-week transformative journey to know Jesus as your Messiah, Lamb of God, and more, enhancing your connection to Christ through insightful Bible readings, mindful meditations, and thought-provoking questions.

Pain as the Starting Point


Reconnect with your spirituality and dispel common misconceptions about God with this 4-week devotional and find a sanctuary amidst stress and hardship that will guide you back to His comforting presence.

Jesús, El Gran Terapueta

Kindle unlimited

Descubre en nuestro estudio los seis roles interpersonales de Jesús – desde Emanuel hasta el Buen Pastor – acompañados cada semana de una visión general, ejercicios de meditación y una lista de reproducción musical, transformando así tu tiempo de adoración personal.


"Why Can’t I Just Leave?"

with Dr. Kristen Milstead


Break the confusion with this 90-minute webinar with expert/author, Dr. Kristen Milstead and unravel the complexities of abusive dynamics, the narcissistic drama triangle, and trauma bonds; reclaim your power as you kickstart your healing journey.

How Could I’ve Fallen for a Dangerous Man

with Sandra L. Brown


Learn from Sandra L. Brown, acclaimed author of Women Who Love Psychopaths, in this insightful 90-minute video, as she unveils the truth about codependency, your personality traits that may make you a target, common misunderstandings about dangerous people, and practical strategies to protect yourself better.

Best Coping & Management Strategies for Toxic or Narcissistic Families


Unlock the secrets to fostering your kids’ emotional health, even amidst family dysfunction, with this video webinar replay. Learn how to create supportive spaces, help children process the loss of an ideal family, and encourage resiliency.

Secret to Inner Healing



Breaking Free from Narcissistic Abuse

New episodes every Monday morning

Join Dr. Kerry McAvoy and Tara Blair Ball, seasoned mental health professionals and renowned authors, in a profound exploration of narcissistic abuse, deciphering toxic relationship dynamics, manipulation tactics, and sharing strategies for recovery and self-love – a must-listen for those entangled in or emerging from confusing, destructive relationships.


Rising Strong

FEBruary 21-25, 2024 in mexico

Rebuild your life with our 5-day all-inclusive and immersive retreat, a sanctuary for survivors emerging from the shadows of abuse, offering you the opportunity to connect with a supportive community of women who share similar experiences, along with a dedicated safe space for those navigating the complexities of a toxic relationship aftermath—discover understanding, companionship, and the path to prevent future abuse.