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How to Find Hope and Strength as You Overcome Narcissistic Abuse

Guided Journal


Are you struggling to break free from a toxic relationship? Maybe you’re not sure overcoming abuse is possible?

This journal provides brief tips from six survivors who offer online support to those leaving dysfunctional or dangerous relationships. Broken into five sections for each stage of healing, these influencers’ wisdom will encourage you on your healing journey.

Learn what advice Lee Hammock of Mental Healness, Lisa Sonni of Stronger Than Before, Rossana Faye of Rollercoaster of Love, Kelsey Straatmann of KP_Straatmann, Julia Wong of Hearts With Jules, and Dr. Kerry McAvoy have for leaving a bad relationship, starting again, and rediscovering yourself. Then, record your thoughts, hopes, and goals as you make your plans to overcome abuse.

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