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Jesus, The Ultimate Therapist: Healing Without Limits

Living Life 2 the Fullest


In her counseling practice, Dr. McAvoy is familiar with the lop-sided client-therapist alliance. Assuming the role of expert causes an inequality of power between herself and her clients. Due to ethical concerns, there are beneficial limitations in the counseling relationship. Therapists, for example, are discouraged from having friendships with patients, and romantic relationships are prohibited. Necessary relationship boundaries help to protect clients from potential mistreatment and abuse.

Unlike mental health counselors, Jesus doesn’t have these same limitations. Since Jesus is, by his very nature of him, love, then he is able to perfectly cherish, encourage, and care for us. Our relationship with him goes beyond any human example of community or therapeutic alliance. He is the ultimate therapist, one without boundaries or limits.

This devotional is the second in the Living Life 2 the Fullest series. In this study you will explore how Jesus is our Messiah, Lamb of God, kinsman-redeemer, friend, king and bridegroom. Similar to the first devotional, Bringing Hope and Healing, this study is six weeks long. The format remains the same in that there are weekly topics accompanied by a meditation exercise and a corresponding musical playlist. Four days of daily devotionals expand on the weekly subject.

Psychologically-oriented questions are also used throughout the study to aid you in examining your spiritual life and deepening your relationship with Christ.

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