I was recently interviewed by Key Jeffreys, host and author of Unique Literature Post. I loved his questions which required me to dig deep into my writing journey and the reasons for my books with their integration of a psychological perspective with biblical truth.

I discuss my upcoming book The Hard Road Home, which explores my spiritual journey surrounding the death of my late husband, Brad. I discover in the midst of the shock, pain, and grief that my perceptions of God were built on faulty assumptions. It took having most of the life as I knew it to be stripped away for me to see this ugly truth.

Years ago I read Larry Crabb’s book, Shattered Dreams, in which he wrote that God is not opposed to taking away all that we hold dear in order to draw us closer to him. When I came to that section of the book I threw it across the room in disgust and shock. I remember thinking, God wouldn’t really do such a thing, would he?

Yes, God would and does. His love is that big.

The Hard Road Home explores my discovery of God’s enormity and goodness in the midst of me being shattered. It’s tentative release date is late 2017 to early 2018.

Please visit Unique Literature Post for the complete interview.

Thank you Key!

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