Do You Still Love Me?

do you still love me

A poem on a tired marriage’s unanswered question Do you still love me? There it was — Hung in the air between us, suspended; Spoken, the burning question. Did I still love him? The weight of the years together pressed in. Too many lonely conversations, Too many dangling fights. A look passed between us. He longed to unravel the past.But … Read more

My Sexless Marriage to a Sex Addict

sexless marriage

Contrary to popular belief, there’s less sex, not more. I used to think a sex addict’s marriage must be full of passionate adventures. My imagination pictured these couples experimenting with fun sex positions and escapades in exciting locations — like doing it on the kitchen island with plenty of whipped cream. I had no idea that it is … Read more

Rediscovery of Me

One-Sided Love of Being Me

My Rediscovery of Me after a Lifetime of Being a We Embracing my newfound autonomy after divorce I awoke this morning with a big smile. Today is the day my new television arrives. I’ve splurged — kind of, but not really. It’s a 55″ OLED flat-screen TV. For most people, this purchase probably would have been a no-big-deal — a no-brainer. … Read more