In Lonely Search for Love

search for love

A Poem The thrumming begins low; Melodic and long. It rises deep within; Until its harmony vibrates my skin. Who will hear my harmonic cries of longing for love? Who will receive this invitation; This blue whale’s song? I wait in the cold darkness. Can you hear the sound of my heart? And dream of … Read more

Why I’m Telling You the Pseudonym I Use when Writing About Sex

writing about sex

I’m done with shame and fear I want to share something with you — something I’ve been doing for the past couple of months. I’ve been writing about sex under the pen name of Marie Lynne. I will continue to keep the two identities separate, yet I’ve decided to promote this work openly. Why I’m Writing About Sexuality … Read more

After Betrayal, How I Found Truth and Forgiveness


Helping the vulnerable not just survive, but thrive Writing about it has helped me break through the lies and my over-reactive defense mechanisms For the past year, I’ve been hard at work writing a traumatic story of betrayal. It’s my story — a brutal tale that began four years ago. The events are so disturbing that the … Read more

My Amazon Sister, My Friend


A Poem for Karmen The watercolored memories Echo in my mind.Pictures of her, my sister,Childhood enemy and friend. She was younger, yet older. Fierce and loyal,My Amazon sister, my friend. I looked up to her, my hero, For strength, for love.Quietly she stood beside me,My younger sister, a loyal friend. Through the passing of yearsOur roles change again.She turns … Read more

Taking a Moment to Review CoSchedule


Saving Time with Great Tools Blogging is a time-consuming venture. There’s writing the article, editing, finding just the right photo, and then creating a kick-ass title. I haven’t even began to discuss what goes in to making what you wrote searchable (can you say, SEO Optimization?) Oh boy! It’s easily a full-time job, yet is … Read more

Interview with Unique Literature Post

I was recently interviewed by Key Jeffreys, host and author of Unique Literature Post. I loved his questions which required me to dig deep into my writing journey and the reasons for my books with their integration of a psychological perspective with biblical truth. I discuss my upcoming book The Hard Road Home, which explores … Read more