Why I Didn’t Know I’d Married a Narcissist

Why I Didn’t Know I’d Married a Narcissist Would you think as a psychologist I’d know my new husband was a narcissist? It should have been obvious, right? After all the years of education, training, and counseling experience, you think I would have recognized the signs of narcissism.  But, I didn’t.  That’s because narcissists are … Read more

The Painful Lasting Effects Bullying Has Had on My Social Life


I still battle hesitancy and social anxiety I was one of those kids who experienced bullying — the awkward, nerdy type. The kind that others couldn’t resist picking on. It didn’t matter if I stayed hunched down, slumped over, and stuck to the corners of life. Somewhere on me was a neon sign that must have read “kick … Read more

The High Cost of Abuse: I Forgot to Value My Peace of Mind

peace of mind

And, yours matters too A young woman posted before and after photos of herself taken a few months apart. In the first image, she looked worried. Stressed. Her expression was tense. You could see the tight lines around her mouth and eyes. She definitely had no peace of mind. In the second photo, she looked at … Read more

My Problem With the Money Shot, also Called a Facial (Not the Spa-Kind)

money shot

Please, will someone explain their popularity? I recently shared that I write under the pen name of Marie Lynne on Medium.com. There I explore the sensuality of sexual intimacy, provide education on better sex, and explore sticky areas surrounding sexuality, such as the money shot. It’s vulnerable, transparent, and raw. Definitely not everyone’s cup of … Read more

Common Mistake of Doing Anything for Love

anything for love

I’ve learned the hard way self-respect must come first Someone recently told me to consider the number of concessions or sacrifices I am willing to make when starting a relationship. I hadn’t considered that I might be making a grave mistake of doing anything for love. I’m embarrassed to admit that despite years of counseling others, … Read more