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Want to Stop Obsessing Over Your Ex?

Have you caught yourself constantly thinking about your ex? It’s astounding, the sheer mental energy we continue to pour into someone who brought so much distress into our lives. Separation should have been a relief, yet here we are, unable to shake off the distress. In this video, we will delve into why it’s so hard to stop the cycle of obsession. 

The truth is toxic and narcissistic relationships create an all-consuming dependency. We find ourselves sacrificing our common sense to hold onto a fragile connection, enduring a relentless barrage of criticism, and losing trust in our own feelings due to constant gaslighting.

Even when it ends, the absence of our ex leaves a cavernous void filled with unanswered questions, a broken heart, and an overwhelming number of problems.
It’s no surprise our ex occupies our thoughts.

Adding to this is the trauma bond, a kind of addiction that makes getting over the past relationship a monumental challenge.


1. Jot down all your current obsessions concerning your ex.

2. Rate each one on a scale from 1 to 10. What do your responses reveal?

3. Identify the pain point that affects you the most. Have you been hurt in this area before?


Pen a letter to your ex detailing all your feelings — but don’t send it. This is a tool for your self-discovery. 

  • Are there any new realizations emerging? 
  • Does articulating your feelings unearth deeper layers of pain or perhaps even relief? 
Use this exercise to understand your current obstacles so you can forge a better path to recovery.

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Dr. Kerry McAvoy is a clinical psychologist, mother of three grown sons, writer, and author of Love You More.

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