In Lonely Search for Love

search for love

A Poem

The thrumming begins low;
Melodic and long.
It rises deep within;
Until its harmony vibrates my skin.

Who will hear my harmonic cries
of longing for love?
Who will receive this invitation;
This blue whale’s song?

I wait in the cold darkness.
Can you hear the sound of my heart?
And dream of a tender response.
Are you there, my partner, my love?

Over the many miles,
I keep calling. 
Looking and searching
For the one, my beloved.

Tho’ the years have grown long.
The silence, nearly unbearable.
But still, I hum, 
Resolute in hopefulness.

I stop determined. 
Drop low into the sea and sing.
The sound, deep and rhythmic, 
My song. As I call my love to me.


My Amazon Sister, My Friend


Kerry Kerr McAvoy, a psychologist, author and writer, is in cultivating healthy relationships, deconstructing narcissism, and understanding various other mental health-related issues. 

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