My Struggle to Find My Voice After Sexual Abuse


Trying to re-integrate my fragmented self into someone whole. Sticking up for myself is hard. I’m still trying to find my voice. I’ve heard many women complain that they have trouble asking for what they want or need too, but it’s particularly challenging for me. When triggered, I react by becoming oddly submissive, an old coping … Read more

Being Raped as a Preschooler and Finding Healing

Being Raped

It’s hard work, but I’m finding the inner strength to stand up for myself. Today I’m flying home in the midst of the coronavirus scare. I’m grateful for the medical mask that covers most of my face. It’s doing more than protecting me from the spreading epidemic; it’s hiding my tears. Being raped as a preschooler … Read more

How My Unconscious Mind Keeps Messing up My Dating Life

Freud & Unconscious Dating

Apparently Freud got something right about the power of making the unconscious conscious I recently started dating again. This was the first time I’d dipped my toe back in the dating pool since getting a divorce. As I met a few men my age, I noticed a problem, though: instead of having feelings of attraction, … Read more

When Spiritual Advice Does More Harm than Good

Harm Spiritual Bypassing

The danger of using spiritual bypassing as a form of support I pulled up my Twitter feed and saw that one of my favorite Christian authors had just posted. She wrote, “Fear begs us to focus on our problems more than God’s promises.” Her tweet had hit too close to home as I continue to wait … Read more