The Art of Online Flirting: Seductive and Fun!

Online Flirting

Try subtlety instead of commando assaults. After having gone on a few dates and done plenty of texting this past year, I’ve noticed a trend. We seem to have forgotten the subtle art of seduction when it comes to online flirthing. Where’s the slow build-up of playfulness? It’s not a 50-something-year old problem either. I’ve … Read more

The Problem of Not Taking a Man at His Word

Man at His Word

A hard lesson in gender communication and new relationships Until recently, I’ve mistakenly ignored one critical piece of information when starting to date someone new — and I’ve done so at my peril. I have failed to take a man at his word. I’ve made this mistake with the best of intentions, in the hopes of preserving … Read more

Things No One Warned Me About Dating in My 50s

Dating in my 50s

An old friend contacted me with some questions about what’s like to be dating in my 50s, as some of her single girlfriends had started to do the same, and their decisions were surprising her — particularly when it came to sex. Since she was still married to her college sweetheart, this was unknown territory. “What’s going … Read more

My Dating Life Has Improved Since COVID-19

Dating in COVID-19

It has forced me to build a friendship first. Tired of my current online dating life, I decided to try something different — to use a matchmaking service. I’d considered it several years earlier, but then I met my second husband, making it unnecessary. Finding outside help for my dating life It felt strange to hire an … Read more

The Problem of Being a ‘Too Much Woman’ in Today’s Dating World


When ‘too much’ is actually just right. Being a woman today is tough. Most of us face tremendous pressure to conform to societal standards, both in our professional and personal lives– to avoid being a “too-much woman.” Convinced this type of cultural demand was partially to blame for my recent vulnerability to emotional manipulation, I’ve vowed … Read more