Being Raped as a Preschooler and Finding Healing

Being Raped

It’s hard work, but I’m finding the inner strength to stand up for myself. Today I’m flying home in the midst of the coronavirus scare. I’m grateful for the medical mask that covers most of my face. It’s doing more than protecting me from the spreading epidemic; it’s hiding my tears. Being raped as a preschooler … Read more

Porn Isn’t A Problem?

Porn Addiction Problem

And He Said Porn Was Not a Problem? The impact regular porn use had on my self-esteem and the health of my marriage. My stomach dropped as I read another opinion piece in defense of pornography. It warned regular pornography usage by male partners should be expected, and it excused secret-keeping. Upset female partners were characterized as … Read more

When Spiritual Advice Does More Harm than Good

Harm Spiritual Bypassing

The danger of using spiritual bypassing as a form of support I pulled up my Twitter feed and saw that one of my favorite Christian authors had just posted. She wrote, “Fear begs us to focus on our problems more than God’s promises.” Her tweet had hit too close to home as I continue to wait … Read more